VKRTex came into existence in the year 1986 at Erode, a city for textile market and textile units. At the beginning we had engaged with the aim of providing control panel systems to various textile factories like spinning, dyeing, sizing, calendering, printing, zero zero shrinkage- sanforizing, looms and for conveyors units with latest PLC and Embedded systems. Then with the technical and marketing experience in textile, we emerged to produce own Auto-loom fabrics and Natural Dyed fabrics.

We are now focusing only on Natural Dyes since 2000.We had special R&D department for research in various color shades for Natural Dyed fabrics. We are producing all kinds of fabrics in Natural Dyes.

Our vision :

We had got highly motivated and technically qualified professionals to bring you the best of quality product. We are specialized in customized and innovate design pattern for our customer delight not just satisfaction.

Our goal is to serve the respectable client with best of textile knowledge and ample of experience in order to establish faith in us for endeavor relationship.